I am a shepherd and  fiber artist at Morning View Farm, Brookville, Ohio.

With no formal training in the arts, some have bestowed upon me the honorary degree of  M.St.  ( Master of Self-taught ).   But to say that one is “self-taught” is to suggest that they knew the subject before hand.   My “educational” background with felt has been one of exploring and discovering, of trying and re-trying,  of doing and doing over.   My studio has until recently been the tool room in the basement, and the source of my fiber most often comes from our barn.

I enjoy designing new tools which aid in the creation of new techniques, or in making  the old ways easier.  Lowe’s is my favorite source for felting tools.

After a thirty-six year career in the classroom, it should come as no surprise that I love teaching.   Most of my felting endeavor centers around teaching  classes or workshops.   I do some commissioned pieces for individuals or organizations, but very few pieces for retail sale.

I look forward to future days of learning and teaching about this exhilarating  experience know as felt.    Won’t you join me in that journey.               Boyd


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