Welcome to our farm and country home.   Morning View Farm  is located near Brockville, Ohio  and is the home of Boyd and Jeri Hastings.

For many years we raised a spinner’s flock of sheep, but today a small herd of Dexter cows graze in the meadows and creek-bottom pastures at Morning View.

Walking trails wind throughout the farm;   passing through tall prairie grass, along side two wetlands, through pastures and wildflower meadows, and into a small woodlot that shelters a tree house and a Hobbit hole.

Around the main barn you can find a variety of small farm animals, a garden, a gourd patch, and an orchard with fruit trees, grapevines, brambles, and berries.

The studio barn is the play barn.   It houses hundreds of hard-shelled gourds, scores of fleeces and processed wool, a potter’s wheel and kiln, and a small shop for repurposing a collection of country primitives.   The studio also serves as a classroom for fiber art instruction.

Through this site we hope to share with you some of the moments of our days, the joys of our journey, and the  gratitude of our blessings.   So stop back by  from time to time and see what’s new.   There’s always something happening at Morning View Farm.